“I don’t regret any of the decisions I’ve have made, because of every choice I’ve made I’ve learned something new.”

icons: ezria

Under the cut are eight Ezria icons, requested by lucysharding. All made by yours truly. If saving / using, please like / reblog.

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hi so I have never made a follow forever before and I want to appreciate so many people that I follow and I think this is the best way to do it.

I appreciate all of my mutuals and all of my followers.  Even if I don’t follow you I think you are beautiful and totally amazing!  If you are in this it means that I consider you as a friend even if you maybe don’t consider me as one, but that doesn’t matter

Although I don’t exactly know why you people follow me since I’m such a loser.  Also excuse the terrible edit, I hate it and I’m sure you hate it too so I think that’s good!  this took a lot of time to make and i’m so tired

these urls are in no certain order just mixed in, so you can actually search for your url because im mean like that ;-)

chanelondon totalarianalive lizgillz obrien-poseys laurenjauresgui ayyariana dinahjane97 bestsmistake serfborts brotherbieber amraudenfeld femsquad awiana whatisboca jacksonwhittemorre cmilacbello jaureguisms zeysus nothininmybrain grandefan245 jadelust thirlboob cadilliacsong dinahjine wolfgillies pleathc 17irwie arigrandu maliastait yonceghost 420normani 4rianagrande sparklettits ariyanagrande raresofagb arianabutera laurenjaurequis wantariana selmqomez grandse ariqrandes lilycolilns arianasugg airanasgrande arianogrande diannagroan arianagrante kendalljnnr markruffulo thearianachapter sellingweedtojustinbieber arianazgrandes femalerebell ffifthharmony onelastimes broadwayariana calvinsklein tatttooedheart lovemeharders


I’m sorry you weren’t mentioned if I follow you, inbox me if I didn’t tag you and I’ll change that :)

I appreciate all of you so much, for different reasons of course.  Again I love all my followers, my huge following means so much to me even though you made a terrible mistake of following me. 

I love you xo

With great & divining love,




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Gaga’s wigs and costumes: $2,000

Taylor Swift’s tour dancers: FREE apparently